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Inner Circle Teapot 95 Cl Sandstone By Valerie Objects Grey

Inner Circle Teapot 95 Cl Sandstone By Valerie Objects Grey

Sold By: Made In DesignMade In Design Discount Codes, Sales And Promotions
Brand: Valerie Objects Teapots and Tea Sets


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Inner Circle Teapot 95 Cl Sandstone By Valerie Objects Grey Details:

valerie objects Teapot Grey Ceramic.

Dimensions: Ø 13.

5 x H 12.

8 cm - Length (with handle): l 22 cm - Capacity: 95 cl.

Dutch designer Maarten Baas is known for his iconoclastic, whimsical creations that disrupt traditional typologies.

Through his controversial experimental work, Maarten Baas overturns preconceived ideas.

He has forged his own world, happily pushing the boundaries of design to show another reality made up of strangeness, optical effects, illusion, play.

In collaboration with the Antwerp label Valérie Objects, Maarten Baas has created a complete set of tableware : objects with assumed irregularities and a "handmade" feel.

As ever, Maarten Baas likes to jostle the lines, create irregularity and asymmetry to make his objects more human.

Named "Inner Circle", his tableware collection refers to our inner circle, those with whom we like to share great times around the table, as well as the design that’s at the centre of the collection: the circle.

Maarten Baas explains: “I discovered that all tableware is made up of circles within circles.

” Maarten Baas favoured spontaneity over perfect symmetry by drawing spontaneous, irregularly shaped circles freehand.

They were literally translated into tableware, making these objects the materialisation of imperfect concentric circles.

Each object thus declines the shape of the circle roughly drawn by hand.

In a world where machines are made to produce straight lines, Maarten Baas' irregular shapes are a real technical challenge to achieve.

This range of tableware favours naturalness and irregular shapes rather than perfection, communicating an artisanal idea.

The asymmetrical curved, soft lines break with our very strict, linear everyday environments.

Far from the codes and usual wise rectilinear lines, the irregular, imperfect organic shapes, the rugged contours of these pieces halfway between design and art really stand out.

Once placed on the table, these items inject an unexpected, calm, authentic atmosphere into the decor.

Inner Circle Teapot 95 Cl Sandstone By Valerie Objects Grey can be found in Teapots and Tea Sets and is sold by Made In Design

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Inner Circle Teapot 95 Cl Sandstone By Valerie Objects Grey : £36.10

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