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Nova Cairns Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Coffee

Nova Cairns Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Coffee

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Brand: Nova Outdoor Living Fire Pits

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Nova Cairns Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Coffee Details:

The Nova - Cairns Rectangular Fire Pit is a durable outdoor fire pit, designed for use as a heat source and as a coffee table in conjunction with outdoor seating.

When the fire pit is in use, it generates gentle flames that look impressive and give off heat, ideal for keeping your guests warm.

The circular fire pit is set to one side of the rectangular table, allowing you to use the other side as a handy coffee table for drinks and snacks.

This impressive fire pit is made using Glass Reinforced Concrete which is incredibly durable, especially when compared to other materials available such as Magnesium Oxide Concrete, Glass Reinforced Concrete is incredibly durable and is not affected by condensation build-up, whereas this can cause damage to Magnesium Oxide Concrete products.

The burner, pan, and ring are all made from high quality 304 stainless steel to prevent rust.

Plus, the fire pit comes with a cover included to help protect it when not in use.

Additionally, we have also included a paint touch-up kit to fix any blemishes or natural wear and tear.

Other features include a healthy amount of Lava Rock which sits in the fire bowl to look stylish and contain the flames, a 2.

5m hose, and a clip-on gas regulator.

We recommend using a 5kg gas bottle (not included) to get 20-30 hours consecutive use, on average, from your fire pit.

This number will be affected by the heat settings you choose, you can control your heat settings via the control panel on the side of the bowl.

Nova Cairns Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Coffee can be found in Fire Pits and is sold by The Range

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